Math Skill


Simple mental math has never been so hard




Math Skill is a fun intelligence game where you do the simplest math in a different way. This app puts your mental agility and speed to the test in chaotic rounds where digits and math operations fly every which way.

The gameplay is super simple: on the left side of the screen you have a certain operation, and on the right two possible solutions. Just tap the right answer – straightforward enough, at first, but the more operations you do the faster your list of options decreases, meaning you have to be thinking and tapping pretty fast.

Once you do the operations needed to beat the level, you'll unlock the next one, going from addition to subtraction to multiplication and then division, and doing the operations will get way harder. Though the calculations themselves are simple, they'll eventually come at you at heart-attack speed, so you either give it your full concentration or you'll find yourself starting all over again.

This game has a leaderboard that marks your record whenever you beat it. If you're smart and adept enough to do full tables of operations you'll get high in the world ranking of players.